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Article Menu 2.1


Minimoo2The minimoo2 module gallery for Joomla is a simpel to use image slider that references images from a folder of your choice. With the help of jQuery and the shifting pixel resize script creating a sliding image gallery is almost effortless. Minimoo2 uses jQuery in no conflict mode so it should work with any other javascript.

This beautiful and simple image slider is perfect for showcasing your images without the hassle of major extensions, and comes with an amazing set of features that will satisfy your every need.

You can see a demonstration of the minimoo2 slider gallery below or visit the Minimoo2 documentation page for further information.



  • Load unlimited images into the module automatically from a folder on your webserver 
  • Smart Image resizer from Shifting Pixel resizes one image to create thumbnail and main images. 
  • Easy setting of cropping ratio to crop images to fit desire width or height. 
  • Your choice of prettyPhoto open in new window, open in same window as options to display the original image when the image is clicked. 
  • Belated PNGFix built in for prettyPhoto. 
  • 31 transitions using the jQuery easing script.
  • Minimoo2 uses jQuery in no conflict mode




  • Joomla 1.5
  • JB Library plugin



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